Many of my best memories as a preteen and young teenager are from my time in the Atlantic Project.  It was so uplifting to learn skills required to sail well and just experience the awesome sensation of the wind filling the sail.  The feeling of accomplishment was enormous.  I learned many important life lessons such as teamwork, responsibility and my true personal potential.  We functioned as a team and I learned to rely on others.  In contrast, I also have a new since of self-dependency and confidence.  Before my time in TAP I looked at sailing as something that was to big for me.  Now I know I can accomplish much more than I thought I could, in sailing and in life.  Ian

TAP's History    


    The Atlantic Project set sail in 1987 under its founder, Rob Noll.   Inspired by Sailing Beyond, a sailing ministry of Young Life in Vancouver, B.C., Rob sought to combine his love for the sea and his dedication to mentoring young people by using sailing as a platform for ministry.  Through Rob’s vision, young people would not only learned to sail, but would be personally impacted by experienced Christian sailors working with the program.


     Almost immediately, TAP became the recipient of several large sailboats along with generous donations of equipment and finances that enabled the birthing of the vision and  the development of a sailing ministry.  Soon boats  were operating out of several Maine coastal towns and also on Lake George in New York state. 


     Rob’s background as a yacht builder with Sabre Yachts and as a yacht racer with the Sabre team along with his diverse experience as Young Life’s first Area Director for the state of Maine uniquely qualified him for his work with the Atlantic Project.  Rob and his team of dedicated volunteers carried the vision forward to see youth impacted through sailing adventures in a positive way until 1991.  With the untimely death of his wife Patricia, Rob stepped down as director and the ministry of TAP was painfully laid to rest for a season. 


     In May 2003, TAP was officially relaunched.  TAP’s new board of directors along with her team of sailors are excited about the new horizons to be charted for youth throughout the state of Maine!