This summer, The Atlantic Project will launch an expanded ministry vision focused not only on mentoring youth in the context of sailing but also on engaging and strengthening fathers.  Over the years, we have sought to bring restoration and healing to the hearts of youth who have been wounded by the breakdown of their families.


     We have seen God so beautifully work through the investment of time in their lives.  But we want to refocus our efforts on reaching dads. Too often we have sought to help a youth through this ministry only to have our best efforts torn down from within the home by a broken dad.  I am all too familiar with my own history.  Married at 21 and still carrying a deep wound in my heart due to my dad's suicide impacted my early fathering of my own children.  Fortunately, my relationship with God and positive role models made all the difference.  Simply put, I longed to be a good dad.  To give my children what I never had.  I just didn’t have the resources.

     By reaching out to fathers, we desire to move into a more preventative role rather than picking up the pieces of young lives wounded as so many are by struggling dads.  We desire to bring dads together, not to take their place in their homes, but to engage and support them in their role as fathers.