Reaching Youth...

   The Atlantic Project is taking its place among the growing number of revolutionary and unique non-profit organizations worldwide geared towards the development of youth through sailing adventures. 

   Atlantic Project youth join together on a quest of learning valuable skills and overcoming demanding physical and emotional challenges.

   With experienced mentors standing beside them as they overcome these challenges, youth discover hidden strengths and talents within themselves and learn they are a valuable part of a team accomplishing a common goal.

   Sailing is a an exciting tool for developing prover character in youth who will become men and women with the ability to face the challenges of adult life.   As youth are taken outside of their usual daily environment, they surprise themselves by learning priceless lessons such as:

· Teamwork

· Interdependence

· A healthy sense of accomplishment

· Self-confidence

· Personal Responsibility

· Courage

· A willingness to take controlled risks

· Endurance and perseverance

· Communication skills